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Value Chain Lab announces exciting transition from Stowga to an innovative On-Demand Logistics Orchestration Platform.

Value Chain Lab, an established developer of logistics and supply chain optimisation solutions, has announced an exciting evolution with the forthcoming launch of its new On-demand Logistics Services Orchestration platform, FLOX. This new service harnesses the power of advanced technology and AI to streamline operations, facilitate seamless collaboration between Shippers and Logistics Service Providers, fostering operational and cost-effectiveness.

Building on the foundation of the successful warehousing marketplace Stowga, FLOX will offer users the ability to manage not only their warehousing requirements but also a wider range of logistics operations. This includes transport and inventory control, demand forecasting, operational planning, scheduling, execution, payment processing, and financial control.


“FLOX is the natural progression of our ongoing commitment to providing advanced and comprehensive logistics solutions,” said Michael Ostroumov, CEO of Value Chain Lab. "This platform is not just about a new name, it's about a more streamlined, efficient, and effective way of managing logistics operations. We're confident our users will embrace and appreciate the enhanced functionality and benefits that FLOX offers.”

The transition process will commence in September and is designed to be seamless, ensuring no downtime for existing Stowga customers. Customers will be able to use their existing credentials but will be required to agree to new T&Cs and reset their passwords in alignment with FLOX's advanced security protocols.

In the lead-up to the launch, the company will release a series of newsletters providing further details about the transition, including a comprehensive guide on the new functionalities of FLOX. Moreover, a dedicated customer service team will be on hand to answer any questions and provide support during the transition phase.

For further information on this transition and upcoming updates, follow the new FLOX LinkedIn page launching on 1st July. Additionally, visit the new FLOX website, going live in September, for a deep dive into the platform's capabilities, service offering, and commercial details.

About Value Chain Lab: VCL is a leading provider of logistics solutions, dedicated to streamlining and simplifying logistics and supply chain operations. The company's mission is to: “Reduce margin erosion and waste through effective collaboration across interconnected Supply Chain Networks”.

Our Supply Chain Intelligence and Analytics (SCIA) software platform helps large multinational companies optimise their logistics and supply chain operations. It links to their legacy system silos to provide near real-time visibility of product flows through the network as well as generate actionable insights that support effective decision making.

With a customer-first approach, Value Chain Lab continually innovates to provide effective, comprehensive solutions in the logistics sphere.