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Warehouse services provider Goodwill Solutions has partnered with Stowga to further develop a global supply chain platform.

Warehouse services provider Goodwill Solutions has partnered with on-demand logistics tech specialist Stowga to further develop a supply chain platform for a global audience.

The joint development will focus on further building out a many-to-many offering for service providers and customers to access a marketplace of warehousing, supply chain, and logistics services.

Together Stowga and its partners, including Goodwill Solutions, will provide a one-stop shop for sourcing of complete logistics solutions, using advanced functionality to connect customers with warehouse operators, 3PLs, and service providers that meet their needs. The marketplace will go beyond simple match-making capabilities to support management of ongoing client operations and service a rich pipeline of customers seeking on-demand logistics.

Historically, third party logistics have been a part of a very fragmented industry, with technology developments focused on the individual warehouse, 3PL, or transport service provider. As a result, manufacturers, retailers and other logistics services customers have been forced to reduce the number of service providers to a minimum in the hope that IT integrations and semi-manual operations would require limited resources and provide some visibility and control over the supply chain.

The Stowga marketplace enables organisations to search for, and connects businesses that need additional flexible warehousing services with suppliers, like Goodwill Solutions, that meet their chosen requirements.

Chris Clowes, Managing Director of Goodwill Supply Chain Solutions, said, “Our expert logistics business provides agile solutions for our clients. Servicing a large network of UK and European clients, our storage, pick, pack, decontainerisation and fulfilment facilities combine both people and technology to increase productivity and deliver value for money logistics services

Stowga has already digitised the entire process of searching for and booking warehousing services, so the process takes only a fraction of the time normally taken. Further development of the platform through beta trials with partners such as Goodwill, will demonstrate how the end-to-end flow of physical products can be orchestrated via the platform, which will offer everything from control tower, to invoice tracking, to performance management from a single interface. “While all the sites available on the Stowga Marketplace offer storage, some sites offer fulfilment and additional services such as: pallet handling, picking, packing, kitting/co-packing, shipping nationally and internationally, managing returns, and custom logistics services that might be required to construct a supply chain solution,” said Michael Ostroumov, CEO, Stowga.

“Our beta trial with Goodwill Solutions will accelerate the extension of our capabilities with action orientated analytical engines and predictive functionality to support effective decision making and pre-empt potential inefficiencies, as well as drive a healthy pipeline of customers for Goodwill.”