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Unlocking the Future of Logistics with FLOX

In the ever-evolving world of logistics, efficiency and agility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability have become the pillars of success. At FLOX, we're revolutionising logistics operations by offering a transformative platform that addresses the seemingly conflicting needs of shippers and logistics service providers simultaneously.

FLOX is much more than a logistics platform; it represents a mission to promote and facilitate effective utilisation of shared transportation and warehousing logistics capacities. We're committed to optimising the flow of every order and shipment while tackling service, profitability and environmental challenges.

Our holistic approach sets FLOX apart. We don't just focus on solving one aspect of logistics; we aim to provide a comprehensive solution. This includes shippers who seek cost-effective and on-demand logistics solutions and logistics service providers looking for new growth opportunities and sustainable practices.

 logistics service providers

How do we do this?

At the core of FLOX is a cutting-edge logistics and supply chain operations management platform that leverages technology and innovation, which includes AI and Machine Learning enabled algorithms. It streamlines and enhances supply chain processes, making them more efficient, resilient and cost-effective. We foster seamless collaboration not only between shippers and logistics service providers, but also horizontal collaboration between different shippers, whilst maintaining privacy of their sensitive data respectively. Our platform empowers businesses to work together efficiently, resulting in improved supply chain performance, cost savings as well as agile and sustainable operations.

Collaboration and Innovation

When you join FLOX, you're not just signing up for a platform; you're becoming part of a networked community. It's a place where businesses come together to embrace and benefit from collaboration and innovation, recognising that working together always unlocks new possibilities and drives tangible results.

FLOX isn't just about managing your supply chain; it's about realising its full potential. Whether you're a shipper seeking full control over streamlined operations or a logistics service provider looking for growth opportunities and sustainable profits, FLOX is here to support you. 

How do I know it will work?

At FLOX, our commitment to transforming logistics operations extends beyond the theoretical. It’s vital that we demonstrate the capability of the FLOX platform on real world data. The principles of collaboration, efficiency and sustainability apply across the public and private sector. To showcase the tangible benefits of our approach, we embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with a local authority in England.

ANPR Data Analysis Project

To prove the effectiveness of our platform, we collaborated with a local authority to analyse five days of anonymised Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) data. ANPR technology captures and records vehicle number plates, providing a wealth of information about traffic patterns and behaviour. Our team of data scientists harnessed the power of AI and Machine Learning to gain valuable insights from this dataset.

Our analysis considered various parameters including journey time, distance travelled, cameras passed, simulated scenarios for vehicle fill and the number of stops made during each journey. These parameters allowed us to create a comprehensive picture of traffic within the local authority's road network.

The Results

Under the most conservative of estimates, we discovered that between 7% and 15% of journeys within the local authority's road network could have been avoided through better collaboration and optimisation. These journeys represented a significant portion of the overall traffic flow on the roads.

There is immense potential for efficiency improvement through collaboration. Many of the journeys that could have been avoided were a result of multiple vehicles travelling similar routes often with empty or underutilised capacity. By better coordinating transportation efforts among different shippers and optimising routes, a substantial increase in drop density and a corresponding reduction in unnecessary road usage can be achieved.

Such efficiency gains both reduce costs for the shippers as well as increase revenue and profitability of each journey for the carriers.  Beyond those gains, reducing the number of unnecessary journeys has a direct and positive impact on the environment. Fewer vehicles on the road means lower emissions and reduced congestion, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable community.

A Win-Win Scenario

The partnership with the local authority showcases the win-win scenario that FLOX promotes. By optimising road transportation operations, the authority can provide better traffic flow on its roads while reducing congestion, costs and environmental impact. This approach aligns perfectly with FLOX's core values of simultaneously addressing service, profitability and environmental challenges.

Our collaboration with the local authority in England is just one example of how FLOX has the potential to transform road transportation management. We believe that this success story serves as a blueprint for the future of road network optimisation, where collaboration, data-driven decision-making and sustainability play pivotal roles. It demonstrates the real-world impact of FLOX's principles. By embracing collaboration and optimisation through a trusted logistics orchestration platform, we can unlock tremendous efficiency gains, reduce environmental footprints and ultimately create a better, more sustainable road transportation network for all.

Join the FLOX Movement

FLOX logistics isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about navigating the path to a brighter and more sustainable future for all stakeholders in the supply chain. We're not just about providing a logistics platform; we're on a mission to reshape the way the world thinks about and does road transportation management. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable future for road networks.

Welcome to FLOX, where we're unlocking the potential of logistics, one shipment at a time.