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Exploring the Benefits of Fulfilment Centre Services

As e-commerce accelerates, the logistics behind getting products to your doorstep must keep pace. Fulfilment centres are emerging as the unsung heroes driving this transformation, offering innovative solutions to meet rising consumer expectations and streamline business operations.

Efficiency is crucial in the fast-paced digital marketplace. Fulfilment centres are the engines driving e-commerce, ensuring seamless movement of products from seller to consumer. As businesses strive to meet growing online demands, outsourcing Fulfilment services becomes increasingly strategic.

Understanding these services is crucial for optimising logistics and customer Fulfilment. Outsourcing offers significant cost reductions and expertise that ensures a lean and agile supply chain. This article discusses the benefits of using external Fulfilment solutions. These solutions can enhance customer service. It also provides tips on selecting the appropriate provider for your business.

UK fulfilment centre expands operations by 300%

For example, Kent-based Zendbox, a provider of outsourced order Fulfilment services to high-growth SMEs and established brands like Exhale, USN, Puresport, and fourfive, expanded significantly in 2023. The company grew its staff from 20 to 80 and increased its UK Fulfilment centres from one to four due to a surge in order volumes and new clients. Processing over three million orders in 2023, Zendbox connects eCommerce sales channels such as Shopify, eBay, and Amazon with its virtual warehousing and inventory management technology, providing greater supply chain visibility.

The company stores over 100,000 different FMCG products in its 100,000 sq ft of space, achieving a 99.999% picking accuracy and shipping 99.7% of orders the same day, thanks to a 10pm order cut-off time. Complete Strength founder, noted that the later cut-off time has reduced abandoned carts and increased sales, as more customers shop in the evening.

The global e-Commerce Fulfilment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.12% through 2030.

projected fulfilment

Amazon is set to build a new multimillion-pound Fulfilment centre in Northampton, creating over 2,000 jobs. Scheduled to open in 2026 near junction 15 of the M1, the centre will feature three floors of robotics for advanced order processing. It will create 1,400 jobs at launch, expected to rise to more than 2,000 within three years, including roles in engineering, HR, IT, health and safety, finance, and logistics.

Fulfilment centre SOE Prologis UK site

VolkerFitzpatrick will construct five new distribution units at Prologis Park Hemel Hempstead. The park is located in Maylands Business Park. Prologis UK has awarded the contract for this project.

The project, running from March 2024 to the first quarter of 2025, will add over 280,000 square feet of distribution space. The units will range in size from 19,000 to 75,000 square feet. Enabling works have already commenced on site.


Source: The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Understanding Fulfilment Centre Services

Fulfilment centres are pivotal in e-commerce, simplifying logistics and shipment. Operated by third-party businesses, these centres specialise in promptly and accurately completing customer orders. They provide services including inventory management, warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping. Fulfilment centres handle logistics so online retailers can focus on product development and marketing.

Modern technology and software are important for Fulfilment centres to track inventory, manage orders, and dispatch efficiently. Centres like the Online Fulfilment Centre offer transparent pricing models, enabling businesses to budget effectively without unforeseen costs. Businesses can use these centres for streamlined warehousing processes which include, inventory management, and shipping services at low rates.

The Role of Fulfilment Centres in E-commerce

Fulfilment centres are modern distribution hubs where inventory is received, managed, and prepared for shipment to customers. These centres use advanced systems like WMS and IMS with AI to automate and improve the Fulfilment process. This helps reduce mistakes made by people.

Beyond storage, these centres are efficient processing units where items are meticulously picked, packed, labelled, and shipped. By outsourcing these tasks, especially for e-commerce fulfilment, companies can save money on shipping and improve customer service, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Different fulfilment centres specialise in fine-tuning the order fulfilment process, storing inventory close to customer bases to reduce delivery times and elevate the customer experience. Offloading the order fulfilment process to third-party logistics providers allows e-commerce businesses to realise faster delivery times, more efficient use of storage space, and reduced operational burdens, enabling them to concentrate on core offerings and maintain a competitive edge.

warehouse at sunset with lorries

Advantages of Outsourcing Fulfilment Centre Services

Outsourcing Fulfilment services offers numerous advantages, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Key benefits include:

Cost Savings Through Economies of Scale: Fulfilment centres achieve economies of scale by pooling resources like space, labour, and technology across multiple clients. These savings translate to reduced operational costs and the ability to turn fixed costs into variable ones. Strategic inventory placement in localised centres further and effective warehouse management operations cut down on shipping costs and transit times, efficiently delivering products to customers.

Effective Inventory Management: Fulfilment centres offer considerable expertise in inventory management, from storage and tracking to managing stock levels. Sophisticated inventory management systems and effective warehouse processes help avoid overstocking or stockouts, ensuring popular items are always available for timely fulfilment of customer orders.

Efficient and Streamlined Order Fulfilment Process: Fulfilment centres enhance overall customer service by managing, storing, and delivering products efficiently. Proximity to customers reduces transit times, ensuring faster delivery. Advanced automation in the distribution centre minimises errors in picking, packing, and shipping, and courier management services find the most cost-effective shipping options. Ecommerce fulfilment further optimises these processes, ensuring a seamless experience for online retailers and their customers. This provides a complete order fulfilment solution, covering every aspect of the fulfilment process from start to finish, which is critical especially for small businesses and startups

Access to a Wide Logistics Network: Outsourcing to third-party logistics provides immediate connection to an expansive logistics network, securing lower shipping rates and placing products closer to customers. This network aids in scalability and reaching a global customer base, with real-time inventory and order visibility. B2B fulfilment benefits from this extensive network, ensuring efficient delivery and management of bulk orders.

Scalability and Flexibility in Operations: Fulfilment centres offer scalable solutions that adapt to varying order volumes. Warehouse Management Systems enable seamless management of inventory and order volumes. Being part of an international network of warehouses allows for operational flexibility and near-perfect order accuracy.

Improved Customer Service: Outsourcing to a state-of-the-art Fulfilment centre enhances customer service through precision in inventory management, reducing order errors. Customers expect efficient return management process that further improves satisfaction, ensuring swift and correct handling of return flows.

Faster Delivery Time: Strategic placement of fulfilment warehouses near customer bases reduces transit times. Partnerships with such centres offer low-cost courier rates and expedited delivery times. Advanced logistics tools ensure accuracy and speed in order preparation, enhancing reliability.

Accurate and Reliable Inventory Control: Precise inventory control based on real-time data availability is essential for e-commerce success. Fulfilment centres ensure every order is shipped efficiently and accurately through systematic receiving, cataloguing, shelving, and tracking of products.

Effective Handling of Returns and Exchanges: Competent 3PL providers handle returns and exchanges efficiently, maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. Amazon’s FBA service exemplifies this by managing returns and examining each item's condition to decide if it can be resold.

24/7 Customer Support: Continuous customer service is a hallmark of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), offering round-the-clock assistance. Innovative partners like Bezos integrate AI-driven systems for effective and expedient delivery, backed by 24/7 support channels.


FLOX - lorry and warehouse v2

How to Choose the Right Fulfilment Centre Service Provider

Selecting the right Fulfilment centre service provider is crucial for the logistics underpinning your business. Key considerations include:

Experience and Reputation: Scrutinize the provider's track record. Investigate their reputation through testimonials, customer reviews, and case studies to understand their reliability, customer service quality, and problem-solving capabilities.

Technological Capabilities and Systems Integration: Look for providers with advanced technological capabilities and seamless integration with major e-commerce platforms. Centres with cloud-based order management systems offer real-time tracking and robust order processing.

Geographical Coverage: Providers with strategically placed warehouses ensure prompt delivery by being closer to customers. Consider the location specifics and logistical advantages offered by the provider.

Pricing Structure and Shipping Costs: Understand the provider's pricing structure, including picking, packing, and other warehouse tasks. Compare quotes from different 3PL options to assess the long-term financial impact on your business.

By carefully assessing these aspects, you can choose a Fulfilment centre service provider that aligns with your business objectives, offers trustworthy and efficient services, and supports your company’s growth trajectory.

Top Trends Shaping Fulfilment Services in 2024:

Automation and Robotics Automation in fulfilment warehouses and distribution centres, using ASRS, AMRs, and robotic picking systems, speeds up processing, reduces errors, and ensures faster delivery.

Personalised Customer Experiences Ecommerce and B2B fulfilment companies are tailoring delivery options based on data analytics to offer customised services and enhance satisfaction.

Sustainable Practices Adopting eco-friendly practices, such as sustainable packaging and optimised delivery routes, reduces carbon emissions and operational costs, boosting brand reputation.

Omnichannel Fulfilment Seamless integration of online and offline strategies requires advanced inventory management tools, providing a cohesive customer experience and meeting expectations for flexibility.

Last-Mile Delivery Innovations Using drones, autonomous vehicles, and localised fulfilment centres accelerates getting products to customers, offering a complete order fulfilment solution.

These trends drive a more efficient, sustainable, and customer-focused industry, ensuring faster delivery and better service.


The Future of Fulfilment Centre Services

The landscape of e-commerce is constantly evolving, and fulfilment centres stand at the forefront of this transformation. As businesses continue to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the digital marketplace, the role of these centres will only grow more critical. Outsourcing fulfilment services not only enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs but also allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, driving innovation and growth.

By leveraging the expertise and advanced technologies offered by fulfilment centres, companies can ensure they remain competitive in a crowded market. The ability to provide fast, accurate, and reliable service is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As customer expectations continue to rise, those who can meet these demands will thrive, while others risk being left behind.

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